“We have had a longstanding relationship with Sayle Noble dating back to when the company was launched over a decade ago. Sayle Noble has provided us with reliable and effective outsourced marketing execution, and ongoing strategic advice which has helped us grow from a start-up to the largest specialist SAP software and services provider across Australia and New Zealand. 

“We have used Sayle Noble for our customer case studies for over 10 years. They know how to clearly express the real-world solutions we provide our customers.” 


Our work with Stuart Dickinson & DXC Oxygen

DXC Oxygen is the largest specialist SAP services company across New Zealand and Australia. Since engaging more than ten years ago our services have changed. In the early days we provided a fully outsourced marketing service. As the business has grown to justify a large internal marketing function, we have become part of a larger team. Today, we provide a range of online and print content including blogs, whitepapers, media releases, case studies, PowerPoint presentations and newsletters. We recently completed a full rewrite of their website following the acquisition of Oxygen by DXC Technology.

DXC Oxygen values our contribution to their marketing efforts because we have built up a longstanding relationship with key staff and we know how to express their ‘voice’ to the market.

See: www.dxc.technology